Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am reading Beth Moore’s To Live is Christ, for my Saturday morning ladies life-group. She takes the reader through Paul’s journey of faith. I recently read about when Paul and Barnabas heard about a plot to stone them to death. Before the mob came for them, they fled the town.

Proverbs 22:3 “a prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep on going and suffer for it.”

Wooh, the Bible clearly states that it is perfectly acceptable for us to flee from danger. I think at times as believers we want to suffer for His name sake, never stopping to ask ourselves if we need to run from danger. Think about it...

It’s dark out and I am walking to the car by myself. A strange man comes behind and begins to follow me. At this point, my womanly and natural instincts kick in and yell to me, “QUICKLY GET YOUR BUTT TO THE CAR!” I never once have to stop and ask myself if I should run from danger.

Join me now on the flip side of this, the spiritual one. I’m frustrated about my bad day and I’m alone in my car. Satan takes this grand opportunity to join my depressed thoughts. Together him and I build up negatives thoughts regarding the people who made my day progressively worse.

HELLO...instead of fleeing/running/getting away as fast as possible from this DANGER....I allow it to join me in my thoughts. Why???

I know I need to run from danger more often than I have lately. We are in a war, not a physical one but a SPIRITUAL one. Meaning spiritually, I need to start running in to the arms of my Father a whole lot more.

I will be running more, will you run too?