Thursday, May 6, 2010


A few thoughts on the current season...

1. Salad, the simplicity of making a salad.
We recently had a few Indian families move into our apartment complex. At a dinner event a few nights ago, the sweet mother of a cute, little boy was getting more of my salad. She stopped to ask me how to make salad. At first I was baffled by the question. I quickly realized by her sweet spirit and demeanor she honestly didn't know how to make one. I later learned the family had been in America for less than ten years. I told her i bought the large box of salad from Sam's. I chopped carrots and tomatoes and threw it all together. She was so thankful I took the time to explain salad making to her. Sometimes I forget how simple even the smallest things are. This season reminds me that making salad can be the easiest of task to some but to others it may mean the world.

2. Baby cows, otherwise known as calves.
I'm not sure what about them makes me smile, but never the less they do. On my way home every day, I pass a field of calves and their mothers grazing. Sometimes they are resting, other times they are at the edge of the water. Every time I see them I just want giggle. Something in my heart leaps because of the fact that a new creation has been born.

3. Driving & Worshipping.
On our way to Beaumont for Easter, Garrett took us through a part of Texas I wish I could see more of. All we could see were lush fields for miles, filled with wild flowers. Every once in a while, the field were filled with baby cows. We had the music turned up loud and began to worship our KING. My heart is so thankful I am able to worship my KING in such a way. I am sitting next to the most amazing man, I feel the presence of my Creator, and I am admiring his Creation. Worshipping like this completely erases the chains that bind me and keep me from loving my two men the way I am suppose to.

4. Cleansing comes with seasons that change
As much as the world says, I am dirty. My king says "You are clean, you are clean, oh so worthy." I am washed as white as snow. I hear the Savior calling..... my sins are washed away. My relationship with the KING doesn't always change with the seasons, but I do have different seasons with Him. In the Winter, things must die so that there can be new life that appears in the Spring. When the Spring comes, He is singing these verses over me. Right now I feel HIm singing these love songs over me in such a way that I am just at peace thinking about it. He is declaring these things over my life right now, and I am continuing to run to the one who is calling me.

i pray you feel the Savior singing sweet love songs over you.


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