Sunday, August 5, 2012

Guatemala bound

As many of you know, Garrett is heading to Guatemala tomorrow. He will be joining a Gateway Church team that is working with one of RU4Children's key partners. The team will be visiting schools in the Chimaltenango area and they will also be installing stoves in several homes. Almost all Mayan families cook inside their home on an open fire with no ventilation. Many children, along with adults, suffer from Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) as well as danger from exposure to the open flames. We want to replace this cooking method with an enclosed stove, including a chimney to vent the smoke outside the home, making the environment much safer for the children and adults. The stoves will be much more efficient for the families as well.

Will you all please pray for both of us while Garrett is away? Samantha unfortunately cannot go on this trip due to school commitments. Garrett will try his best to post photos to Facebook and hopefully even post a blog while he is in Guatemala. We look forward to sharing with you all about the trip once Garrett returns.

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